About Me

I love bare feet, bright colors, the laughter of children, a nice glass of wine and a movie on the couch with my husband. I’m witty and fun, and want nothing more in life than to feel alive! I get excited at the thought of a beautiful smile, crystal clear blue eyes or a golden wheat field ready for harvest.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I’m behind the lens, the world changes before me. Everything looks different, brighter, more alive! There is a zeal within me that takes hold as I snap the shutter.

I’m passionate about people, children and families—I enjoy building relationships and learning more about what makes you you. Above all, I want to capture your life as it is in that very moment—all the beauty that lies within your smile, the sparkle of your eyes or the gentle way you hold each other’s hand. Let me capture your life…perfect as it is on that very day. Because there’s nothing more beautiful, than life truly captured.