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    When I’m behind the lens, the world changes before me. Everything looks different, brighter, more alive! There is a zeal within me that takes hold as I snap the shutter. Above all, I want to capture your life as it is in that very moment—all the beauty that lies within your smile, the sparkle of your eyes or the gentle way you hold each other’s hand. Let me capture your life…perfect as it is on that very day. Because there’s nothing more beautiful, than life truly captured.

    If you're interested in a session with me in the surrounding St. Louis Metro area, I'd love to hear from you.

    Please enjoy my most recent work on this blog.


Sneak Peek: Maddie + Emma [St. Louis Family Photographer]

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had as great of a weekend as I did! Lots of family time and fun!

I also had the chance to capture my nieces who recently turned 4 + 2! I can’t believe how big they are getting and how GREAT they were at posing (or not posing) for me! By far one of my best shoots with them and they were totally into it! It can’t get much better than that and I know it made their mama (and their aunt) very happy!

More to come of Maddie + Emma! And a huge thank you to my friends Michelle + Jessie who clued me in on how to find the great backdrop of the blue wall!

I will tell knock-knock jokes all day long if these are the kind of smiles I get!


This turkey is the funniest 2-year-old I know! Hands down! She loves to laugh and make you laugh and her smile is infectious!

And just in case you didn’t know, this is how Tinkerbell stands! They learned from the real deal so I hear.

Sneak Peek: The R. Family [St. Louis Family Photographer]

Seriously one of my favorite families and one of the most perfect evenings…even if it was a tad bit chilly! This family gave Nana a gift certificate for her birthday last year and they finally were able to use it!

Thanks to Liz, Gordon, Ellie, Livvy, Caroline, Melissa, Zachary, Linda and Gordon for coordinating schedules to make this happen and having a fun evening with us!

Happy Good Friday everyone and I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend!







Kenzie Turns 1! [St. Louis Family Photographer]

Makenzie turned 1 last month and so to celebrate, we got a cake…which she wanted absolutely nothing to do with. I think she was just trying to be lady-like and not get her pretty outfit so messy!

We had a blast and it’s so hard to believe this sweet pea is already 1! Happy birthday Makenzie! I know your mommy and daddy can’t wait to watch you grow…neither can I!










Sneak Peek: Expecting Baby M.::Angela + Tim [St. Louis Newborn Photographer]

I was so excited when Angela contacted me about a maternity session! In a long, round about way, I’ve known Angela + Tim for the last several years through extended family. I was so happy to hear that they were expecting a little girl and loved sharing in this special moment. You can’t go wrong with beautiful light and beautiful people!

More to come soon! Thanks for a wonderful evening Angela + Tim!