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    When I’m behind the lens, the world changes before me. Everything looks different, brighter, more alive! There is a zeal within me that takes hold as I snap the shutter. Above all, I want to capture your life as it is in that very moment—all the beauty that lies within your smile, the sparkle of your eyes or the gentle way you hold each other’s hand. Let me capture your life…perfect as it is on that very day. Because there’s nothing more beautiful, than life truly captured.

    If you're interested in a session with me in the surrounding St. Louis Metro area, I'd love to hear from you.

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Sneak Peek::The C. Family [St. Louis Family Photographer]

Who would have thought that June 1st would have brought temperatures in the 50s!? This family braved a 2nd try yesterday evening and we had much better weather than the morning and it was totally worth it! Even Logan the pug seemed to be more into it which equals success!

More to come of this beautiful family! Thanks Joanna, Chris, Evan, Joey, Addy and Lo for coming up from Cape to visit!